Meet the Starlogic Team

Yetizen Accelerator Program

Pontaba, Inc is proud to be a part of Yetizen’s second round class. Garnering the experience of Yetizen’s large pool of advisors, and working closely with industry veterans Sana Choundry (CEO), and Japheth Dillman (CCO), Pontaba, Inc is setting itself apart as an emerging leader in HTML5 gaming.

Our Philosophy

Our team is our most valuable resource and the main reason for our success. Pontaba, Inc was founded in 2010 by Amaete Umanah, Ime Etim, Ady Ngom and Rob Evans; four passionate entrepreneurs that had a desire to create a game platform  for game developers to create games for mobile phones, desktops and the open web using HTML5.

Redefining the ordinary team process, Pontaba creates a fun, friendly atmosphere to work in. Having the latest and greatest technology is important to any gaming studio, but it’s the stop-at-nothing work ethic of our staff that puts Pontaba above the rest. We rely on our strongly built team unity to serve our users in the most thorough and fastest way possible.

Our Motto

We make what we’d like to use.

User-friendly, and easy-to-use User Interface Design. We design every little detail to meet your high expectation.

Original Ideas; Outstanding Usability; Better Looking; More Stunning

We develop software that is easy to use.