What our clients say

Jeff Morah,

Great demo and game. I’m surprised of the power you can take from HTML5 and JavaScript, I’m excited about what future HTML5 & JavaScript game developers can bring to the net..

Nicholas Butler,

This is awesomeness at its best. We are entering a game building competition in soon and would love to utilise Starlogic for the comp. Can not wait to start building my own city building game and putting it on Facebook and mobile devices..

Ben Kowloski,

Great work – your HTML5 Game Engine Rocks! Should be accessible to programers that want to make games in HTML5 and yes, you’re a STAR!.

George Bay,

Good stuff, thanks for all the good work you are putting into this project..

Kunal Amir,

This is an awesome project, I have been looking forward to seeing more of it..

Josh Unger,

Very impressive work. It works quite well on my mobile and desktop browser. Your splash screen is brilliant, some wondefully subtle joke.s.

Juan Ramirez,Safran Foer

Very cool game, excellent work! Seeing people do great stuff in the JavaScript gaming space makes me very happy. 🙂.