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I have an idea / feature request and would like to discuss this with you


Fantastic. We love to get feedback, requests and new ideas so please don’t hesitate to jot down your thoughts and send them over to us:

Can I make 2D top-down / side-scrolling games in Starlogic?


Yes, 2D games are pretty simple compared to isometric games!.

How much does the engine cost?


We will be releasing the engine under a few different licenses to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to work with Starlogic..

What kind of games can I make with Starlogic?


Isometric MMOs, real-time strategy, top-down shooters, 2D and isometric racing games, 2D multiplayer platformers with full physics etc..

Does Starlogic use any plug-ins or third-party libraries?


Starlogic doesn’t rely on any browser plug-ins and uses pure JavaScript, HTML and Canvas where available. We use jQuery to interact with the DOM..

What browsers and devices does the engine support?


At the moment we support almost all browsers. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE (9+), Opera, Android Webkit (2.0+) and iOS Safari. We have tested the engine running on iPad 2 with iOS 5. Apple’s iOS 5 brought massive improvements to JavaScript performance and it is recommended that you upgrade to this version or higher as soon as possible. We are not interested in supporting very old browsers such as IE6 and honestly, if you’re still using it and are not being forced to at gun-point you probably shouldn’t be on the internet… you’re a danger to yourself and others! Get a decent browser here..