Facebook Integration

Connecting with your users and allowing a quick, easy and seamless login to your game is vital to turning visitors into players, as is getting word about your new masterpiece to other like-minded people who will enjoy it. If your game is going to be a success, social is the way to go.

Facebook provides an excellent API that allows you to control almost any aspect of a user’s Facebook presence but mastering that API can take precious time away from your core game project. With Starlogic Engine you can integrate your game’s user management system directly into Facebook so that users do not have to register a separate account in order to play your game and you can use all the usual social tools to promote your game to player’s friends and contacts. The Facebook module runs on both client and server and automatically communicates changes to your player’s status to the server and your server-side game logic.

If a player has not yet authorized your app (that’s Facebook speak for allowing your game to access the user’s details) then you are informed of that via an event and can instantly display a Facebook login button to the player. It is as simple as:

this.engine.facebook.events.on(‘userUnknown’, this.bind(function () {





The module also has methods to help you do other fun stuff like post messages to the player’s wall, get a list of their friends to invite into the game etc. Integrating with Facebook can be a big hassle if you are not familiar with the API and available tools. Let us do the hard work and heavy lifting for you so you can focus on making awesome games!If a player is already authorized with your app and is already logged in to Facebook there is no need to display a login button! The module will detect this and send an event to your game logic on both the client AND the server.