We have the fastest canvas-based game engine on the planet…

It’s a big claim and we’re confident in our position. Everyone will tell you that running in HD (1920 x 1200) with a canvas-based game that contains more than just a few hundred entities is pretty-much impossible unless you’re employing hardware acceleration or using WebGL to output in 2D. This is not actually true… it’s difficult, but it’s not impossible!

We have developed an incredibly fast canvas-based renderer that exceeds the performance of standard DOM output (using DIV tags) most of the time and is faster than any other engine currently available on the internet.

When we do run in a hardware accelerated browser, we are able to achieve and maintain our lead of many-times the performance of other engines as our already-tuned canvas renderer is given a further boost! If you want to use canvas and need to have performance, there is no other engine on the planet able to deliver full-screen resolution with tons of moving animated entities at once!

On top of our excellent performance specs, our engine is also the only web-based (HTML) engine to come with real-time multiplayer out-of-the-box. Networking is a massively complex area of programming that requires a huge amount of time, effort and expertise to get right. Why spend your time and money writing networking code for another engine which doesn’t have support built-in?

Other engines have modeled their game objects around classes with methods and other “active code” which makes it very difficult to optimize for networking. Starlogic Engine is built from the ground-up to support networking and Starlogic’s data structures are specifically designed to embrace a multiplayer game environment.

You don’t have to take our word for it though, take a look at some of our videos to see the kind of speed we’re able to get even with 1,000 animated, moving sprites on screen with over 2,000 tiles and objects in the scene as well!.