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San Francisco, CA – March 2nd, 2012 – San Francisco based Pontaba, the organization behind the Starlogic HTML5 2D and 2.5D Game Engine, today announced its participation with partner Joyent Cloud at the Game Developers Conference taking place next week in San Francisco. CEO, Amaete Umanah and CTO, Ady Ngom to Showcase the Starlogic HTML5 2D and 2.5D Game Engine for Game Developers via the Cloud at the event.

At the prestigious 2012 Game Developers Conference, March 7 – 9 at the Moscone Convention Center, Pontaba will join partner Joyent Cloud ( in its booth (405). There, conference visitors will be invited to learn how leading game companies and indie game developers can leverage Pontaba’s Starlogic HTML5 2D and 2.5D Game Engine via the Joyent Cloud for high-performance gaming development.

Starlogic is the only web-based (HTML5) engine to come with real-time multiplayer, single code base on client and server, persistent world storage, highly optimized canvas and networking out-of-the-box. Starlogic requires no plugins to run which means players can run their game without Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight, straight from their web browser or mobile device.

Starlogic includes an advanced realtime networking system that abstracts away the complex details of multiplayer / networked game programming while allowing you to maintain low-level control when it is desirable to do so.

Pontaba presentation is scheduled for Wednesday, March 7th,  1pm – 4pm. The speaker of this presentation will be the CTO, Ady Ngom.

Pontaba will showcase two games, Star Village and Black Jack running cross-platform on multiple devices.

CEO, Amaete Umanah and CTO, Ady Ngom will also available for meetings at GDC to discuss viable business opportunities. Interviews with media professionals will also welcomed.

About Pontaba

Pontaba is building Starlogic, the next generation 2D and 2.5D HTML5 cloud-based Games engine that will cut development time in half or more, deployed once, across multiple mobile platforms and the open web.

The Starlogic Game Engine is a modern web-based game engine that allows you to rapidly develop multi-platform / multi-device games utilizing the open web stack.

Starlogic supports both 2D and isometric games and utilizes a high-speed canvas-based renderer. Our programmers and user interface experts leverage the latest development trends and the freshest techniques.

More information about Pontaba can be found at or

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